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  • admin wrote a new blog post: How you know you are a Lean organisation   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail You can embrace lean in different ways. You can make use of Lean tools, you can attend lean courses and you can embrace Lean values  (Toyota production system "TPS"  to be correct). But how do you know you are a Lean organisation? You define value from the eyes of the end customer You have a value stream/process [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Learning, understanding, and horizontal development   7 years ago · View

    As developers feel the daily pressure to deliver, they tend to skip a crucial step in the process: learning and understanding the system. There’s a huge difference between just adding more lines of code to the codebase and making changes that maintain the conceptual integrity of the system. Horizontal development is the result of not spending enough [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Future-spectives   7 years ago · View

    The concept of retrospectives is well established in the agile community as the way to incrementally improve your processes and the way the team members collaborate during their work. The idea is that by regularly looking back at the past period you may find improvement that will increase the productivity and delivered value. This concept can also [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Journeyman seeking apprentice for coaching   7 years ago · View

    I’m a big fan of the software craftsmanship movement; software development is a craft and you need to practice continuously in order to deliver quality software and customer value. I see myself as a journeyman who steadily is gaining new knowledge and experience in how to implement [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: A Sabbatical   7 years ago · View

    It has finally started. My sabbatical. In April I decided that I needed some time to step back and try some things my own way. I told my current client that in Q3, I would not be available. A lot of Q3 has passed but, as of this Monday, summer in Sweden is over and [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Yet more information is not always what you need   7 years ago · View


    I’ve been thinking lately about the effects of transparency and information on decision making. After observing situations like: Teams flooded with report requests Costly measurements requests, but without explanation of why they are requested Holding back decisions in wait for complete information (even though just enough information seems to be present) I’ve have wondered if more information can actually [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Shared Values Build Teams   7 years ago · View

    What makes a group of good people a great team? I believe that shared values and experiences are fundamental. While there are many team-building activities available, such as paint ball and boule, I’d like to think that software development teams need more than that.

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Improve your soft skills through physical challenges   7 years ago · View

    It is important to have members with excellent technical skills in most agile projects to succeed deliver desired customer value. But even more important is that the members have great collaborative and communication skills. Without the ability to collaborate efficiently the team will have a tough time [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: TDD, JsTestDriver and YUI   7 years ago · View

    As I mentioned in my previous entry, the goal of my sabbatical is to build a JavaScript Application. Notice the emphasis is on Application. That is, I don’t intend to build a JavaEE web application with plenty of JavaScript. The goal is to build an Application in the browser. It will probably (eventually), communicate with a server [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Our New Blog – A Groovy Journey   7 years ago · View

    After several years of running our blog on Pebble we’ve made the move to WordPress, and it’s pretty exciting! But how did we get here? It turns out that migrating a blog from an unsupported platform is not very difficult, all you need is a bit of programming know-how and in a couple of hours [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Concrete Practices for Agile Managers (Part 1)   7 years ago · View


    I was reading Jerry Weinberg’s book Becoming a Technical Leader last week, and I came across his advice to start a journal and write for five minutes per day . The advice was so clear and simple, I decided to implement it right away. The reason for writing in a journal is to help yourself with self-reflection. But Jerry didn’t tell [...]
  • admin wrote a new blog post: 21 Concrete Practices for Agile Managers (Part 2)   7 years ago · View


    At the ALE2011 conference in Berlin I organized an open space session about Concrete Practices for Agile Managers . For almost an hour at least 30 people discussed with me suggestions for concrete techniques an Agile manager can apply to grow an Agile organization . These were the suggestions by the participants: Take part in a team’s stand-up meetings, and [...]
  • admin wrote a new blog post: ALE… Self-Organization without Management?   7 years ago · View


    Yesterday Rini van Solingen asked me if I would tattoo the ALE logo on my arm. I answered:
    “Absolutely not, because I have no idea in which the direction the network will be going!”

    After this reply I realized that it nicely illustrates how I see my position in the ALE network : OK, I might have some influence, but I [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Why I Liked ALE2011   7 years ago · View


    I did not only enjoy the ALE2011 unconference because of the wonderful people, great talks, inspiring keynotes, cool open space program, and pleasant venue. I find that to be the standard of most conferences I attend in Europe. It is what I expect nowadays when I go to such events. No, I particularly enjoyed ALE2011 because… All participants received a badge with [...]
  • admin wrote a new blog post: How to Change the World (After 15 Years of Failure)   7 years ago · View


    I told people many times that I’ve been a failure for 15 years . In 1992 I tried to start an international newsletter about dance music, and I failed. In 1994 I tried to launch a game development company, and I failed. I spent 3 years writing bookkeeping software, but I sold it to only a few [...]
  • admin wrote a new blog post: Mark Twain quote   7 years ago · View

    “When I build a fire under a person, I do not do it merely because of the enjoyment I get out of seeing him fry, but because he is worth the trouble. It is then a compliment, a distinction; let him give thanks and keep quiet. I do not fry the small, the commonplace, the unworthy.”


  • admin wrote a new blog post: Peter Merel’s New Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching translation   7 years ago · View

    Peter Merel just produced a new translation of Lao Tzu, at Interestingly, it starts by introducing a little creature, called the Tardigrade, that can live in almost any circustance: I am keeping his previous Lao Tzu translation Peter Merel's Tao Te Ching translation (discussion: Re: Peter Merel's Tao Te Ching translation) around for people (like me), who like to compare. [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Why TotherAlistair   7 years ago · View

    OK, my last name is hard enough for non-Scots to work out. But why TotherAlistair? (or T’OtherAlistair, as it sometimes shows)? I was acockburn at aol since 1994, slowly worked out that some important people weren’t getting my emails due to spam filters. So I tried experimenting with names. I am or was for some time ThisAlistair, ThatAlistair [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Agile in tables   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail ©2011 Alistair Cockburn Humans and Technology Technical Report HaT.TR.2011.01. I’m not much of one for running a project in tables, but other people are, and we are now at a point where some of the tables are looking interesting and useful. Here are a few I would consider using: Risk-Value-Tail table The RVT table shows a set of projects, [...]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Baby Power!   7 years ago · View


    Recent Change Note: Profile pic from Gregory Markel:!/gregory.markel
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